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apple zombie apocalypse

Attention Montgomery Countyites: Drop your golf clubs and go to Dogfish Head Alehouse in Gaithersburg right now! One of my favorite student organizations at the Universities at Shady Grove, Campus Kitchens, is hosting an all-day fundraiser with food, fun, games and prizes. All money raised will be used to aid the club in their mission to eliminate food waste and prepare nutritious meals for those struggling with food insecurity in Montgomery County.

To enhance your enjoyment of the delicious culinary offerings of Dogfish Head Alehouse, you may enter a raffle to win tickets to ABC’s The Chew, purchase a seasonally appropriate dayglow shirt that I designed using a brand-new illustration from Dogfish Head artist Andy Butterman, or enter a zombie trivia drawing for the chance to win free raffle tickets for the aforementioned prizes.

Have a heart and take a bite out of hunger; celebrate the Apple Zombie Apocalypse with Campus Kitchens.

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