Upcycled GoPro Dog Mount


Shelby is all set to record the adventure.

Today work was closed due to inclement weather (although others weren’t so lucky) and I made the most of our snow day by creating a GoPro mount and taking the dogs out in the snow. Thank you parents for the awesome Christmas gift!

Hipsters and HGTV like to talk a lot about upcycling as a way of repurposing materials to make something beautiful. I decided to make a GoPro dog mount; in my case, upcycled means “items fished out of the recycle bin and taped together on a dog.” This entire project gave me something fun to do on a snow day and cost nothing. Maybe you can learn something from my trial and error and create something even better!

For this project, I made use of the following found materials from the recycling and my mess of a desk:

  • GoPro or similar snow-proof camera
  • egg carton
  • yarn or string
  • yarn needle
  • tape and scissors
  • sticky old Starbucks cup that says “Heather” on it (or any sturdy plastic cup)
  • dog harness and leash
  • a participant (here I used my roommate’s dog, Shelby)

I poked some holes in the bottom of the Starbucks cup, sewed the rubber bands to it, and then taped it to the egg carton. I reinforced the cup and egg carton with some more yarn. I then used two more rubber bands to attach the carton to Shelby’s harness. In the future I’ll have to find a better way to attach the carton to the harness since it kept leaning forward. You will see a lot of the back of Shelby’s head in the video but it’s not bad for a first run!

And, after a little bit of toying in iMovie, voila! The finished product. Try to ignore my big head in the first few seconds, I left it in because I wanted to include the other dog, Riley. 😀