Flooding at Lake Needwood

Yesterday Marc and I must have had some kind of fitness bug up our butts because we ended up on a 12 hour exercise bender. We did a 5k walk/jog at the PG County Arthritis Walk early in the morning, weeded my front yard, and didn’t even go back in the house before we decided to go for a bike ride with his dad. We did somewhere between 15 and 20 miles from Wheaton to Lake Needwood and back on the Rock Creek Bike Trail. I don’t know what lake Needwood usually looks like, but there was some serious flooding there yesterday as a result of the high precipitation we had earlier this week, so I took a few photos.

I really enjoyed the trail and the weather, although sometimes it was tough to get my heavy bicycle up some of the steeper inclines of the trail. At times I had to get off and push, which really worked the glutes. Hopefully the park will dry out soon so that we can go back and use the paddleboats!