Aquaculture Opportunity areas

Aquaculture Opportunity Areas are small, well-defined geographic areas that have been evaluated to determine potential suitability for commercial aquaculture. Introduced in 2020, I made the following infographics to illustrate this new concept.

“What is an Aquaculture Opportunity Area?” general infographic.
“What is an Aquaculture Opportunity Area?” presentation slide.
“Assessment of Potential Aquaculture Opportunity Areas” steps infographic.

Around the Block

Just cruisin’ with my friend Meg in her Toro Workwoman vehicle. I interviewed her to find out the best way to get into volunteering with the University of Maryland’s Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Meg graduated from the Institute of Applied Agriculture (IAA), where I currently work. The experience that Meg gained through studying Ornamental Horticulture at the IAA led her to become the arboretum’s Volunteer Coordinator. We both work on North campus, so it is easy for us to pester each other. 🙂

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Culinary Adventures

I found this while categorizing some photos at work today. This is just one of many shots of me doing things at work that are common to the restaurant industry but on the outside might be considered a little weird. Here I am hanging out with Brian Polcyn, co-author of Charcuterie, and a disembodied head of a pig whose body was contributed to delicious, delicious salami. Brian came to my work a few months ago to teach us the art of cured meats.

It takes a special person to do my job; namely, not a vegetarian.
Randie with Brian Polcyn

Hmm, looks like I have lost weight since then.