Doge Pumpkin

Ah, pumpkin carving. My favorite way to welcome the beautiful changing leaves, weird brown-gray sky colors, and “cold humidity” that signify the arrival of autumn in Maryland.

This year’s pumpkin, much like last year’s poop emoji Christmas ornament, was inspired by a fun post from Buzzfeed: 18 Insanely Clever Pop Culture Stencils To Up Your Pumpkin Carving Game. Indeed I did “up my pumpkin carving game,” using a pattern of Doge from the list.

So Halloween. Very boo.


I am so happy with how this turned out! I think doge would be proud. What pumpkin design are you carving this Halloween?


The Shrine of Kermit

Those of us that live near the University of Maryland, College Park realize the cultural significance of Muppets more than most people. However, this is truly a piece of next-level fandom. In a secluded spot near the bike trail in a nearby neighborhood, someone took the time to create this chainsaw sculpture of Kermit the Frog, complete with a little chair where one can sit and admire him.

Interestingly the little chair is a trap, made of multiple small pieces of scrap wood that fall apart when sat on. I want to know who created this installation so I can commend them on their sculptural expertise, relevant choice of subject matter, AND sharp sense of physical comedy.