Paint Your Own Mixed Media Mandala


At Numi Yoga on November 3, I am leading a mixed-media mandala workshop. To prepare for this workshop, I have painted several mandalas and observed the history of these hypnotic images. Altogether this has been a new experience for me, and now I can’t stop drawing these! No two are alike.


The Sanskrit word “mandala” is loosely translated to mean “circle.” Hindus were one of the first people to use the mandala spiritually, but the mandalas that most individuals find familiar are ones made by Buddhists. In many cultures, the circle represents infinity, but a mandala represents more than simple geometry. Mandalas represent the infinite universe, and wholeness within one’s self.

The owner of Numi Yoga, Kelsey, and I brainstormed together for a painting party image that would reflect the restorative qualities of yoga. Not only is the mandala tranquil, but relatively easy as an art project. I want people to relax during this art experience!

The creation of a mandala can have significant meaning for any individual, especially those who enjoy meditation. For me, any type of painting or drawing activity is meditative. The purpose of our mandala-making at Numi Yoga will be relaxation paired with the fulfillment of learning a new skill. It will be an experience not to miss.

I hope to see you at Numi Yoga on November 3!

Click here to purchase tickets through the Numi Yoga Workshops page.


Doge Pumpkin

Ah, pumpkin carving. My favorite way to welcome the beautiful changing leaves, weird brown-gray sky colors, and “cold humidity” that signify the arrival of autumn in Maryland.

This year’s pumpkin, much like last year’s poop emoji Christmas ornament, was inspired by a fun post from Buzzfeed: 18 Insanely Clever Pop Culture Stencils To Up Your Pumpkin Carving Game. Indeed I did “up my pumpkin carving game,” using a pattern of Doge from the list.

So Halloween. Very boo.


I am so happy with how this turned out! I think doge would be proud. What pumpkin design are you carving this Halloween?


All I Want for Christmas is Poo


When I saw the Buzzfeed article 6 Easy Holiday Gifts You Can Give Everyone in Your Squad, I knew that I must realize my dream of creating poop emoji Christmas ornaments. Unfortunately I didn’t see this article until December 22nd, so I made them the Wednesday after Christmas. Womp womp.

Additionally, I somehow managed to delay the posting of this until February. Also womp.

However, because I spent most of an afternoon purposely turning Sculpey and glitter into twinkly poops, I feel that I now can share some helpful photos with you should you choose to embark on the same adventure. Click the photos to enlarge.

Maybe next Christmas.